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Forever I AM

Your path to self-empowerment

Message from the other side


I want more from life than that.

I want more. I want more.

The answer is self-epowerment

Bewusstsein sons of seven

Start your journey



heart opening

Manifest protection on
heart & soul

Visualization of your soul

Uplink to your soul


Dissolve soul contracts

Gate opening

Neutralize loop of incarnation

The bridge
Going home


Time controller

Light switch

Draw rune

Open Ether




Journey to the 7.

Understand the purpose of your existence

Upgrade your existence by being an extreme gift to population

The program

Your path to self-empowerment

Do you have the desire to create a connection between you and yourself?

Do you know that you as an infinite being are the creator of your reality?

Do you know that as an infinite being with a physical body you have the creative power to create your own reality?

The Forever I AM program is divided into 5 levels..

In Level 1 we prepare your consciousness for this journey, set the anchor within you and open your body system for the flow of information.

Level 2 opens your heart. You will be amazed how far your heart can be opened. But if you carry your heart on your hands, you are vulnerable. After all, we have learned that, haven’t we? The uplink between your consciousness and your soul allows you to explore your heart space.

Level 3
The uplink from Level 2 now allows you to continue on Level 3.

You dissolve your soul contracts that you signed before your incarnation.

Released from these contracts we open the gate to your first incarnation and neutralize your incarnation loop and with it all the uncounted lives in which you had to experience suffering. Yes, together with you, we will rewrite your history.

You will feel how your consciousness expands and how you discover new spaces within yourself.

For this purpose we manifest the “bridge back home”. The “bridge back home” enables you to receive your soul light.

Congratulations! You have now reached the 4th level. Now you are ready to bring your heaven on earth and let your soul light shine into you and into the world and for this we have provided some toolsLet us surprise you!

In the final 5th level the question of your existence is solved. You discover what a gift you are by choosing this incarnation.

What you get:

Resolution of the drama

Expansion of consciousness

Consolidation of the I AM

Heart opening

Protection to your heart

Uplink consciousness to soul

Dissolving of all soul contracts

Gate opening to the incarnation center

Neutralization of your incarnation loop

Manifestation of the „bridge back to home”

You become Master of Time 

You become Master of Light & Darkness

Your personal symbol

The Libra of Life

Your amplifier

The journey to the 7 World Shapers

The purpose of your existence

Visit your Akashic Chronicle

Go through the levels at your own speed and feel free to take a breath in between.

This special journey is made for you.

We have expected you

Your gate is waiting for you.

sons of seven stage